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Historical records credit the ancient Egyptians for the creation of the first tampons, but the modern-day tampon was invented in the United States.
Pumped hydro is very viable, overlaps with Tesla battery technology, the Boring Company is good for long penstocks and coal workers could be employed.
Costs are falling so fast, it can make more sense to build new renewable capacity than to run old coal plants.
Podcast hosts like Guy Raz and Tim Ferriss use it often
One hint: it often ends with the letters "est." And it can lead to competition and disappointment, says psychologist and workplace researcher Shawn Achor.
The next time you’re preparing to speak to a group, remember to keep your audience at the center of your communication, says Briar Goldberg, the director of speaking coaching at TED. One way …
Individual differences in face recognition have been linked to reflect a person’s personality, their social and emotional functioning, and even to their measures of empathy and anxiety.
Just avoid the wedding chapels.
Will today’s emergency even be remembered? Will that thing you’re particularly anxious about have been hardly worth the time you put into it? Better question: What could you do today th…
How to better prepare yourself for acquiring — and retaining — new knowledge