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The author has spent a decade fighting persistent Lyme disease symptoms—and convincing those who don’t believe him that his illness is real

Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker
Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker is all about you: it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. The ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance.

To improve post-workout recovery, take a contrast shower, alternating between hot and cold water.
About two years ago, I heard about Wim Hof, a Dutch who climbed Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes. I was personally…
How Your Daily Shower Can Turn You into a Better Human
Rated: 9/10 | Available at: Amazon | Related: Atomic Habits , How to Change Your Mind The most comprehensive and compelling book on sleep I have ever read. I am becoming convinced (aided by this book) that being able to sleep well is a huge advantage in life. This book is likely to
New book says silent sleep-loss epidemic is one of the 21st century’s greatest public health challenges
Combining a ketogenic diet with standard chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic options may help improve tumor response, although more research is needed.
Kansas man David Ostrom asked an Iowa court to give him 12 weeks' notice to "source or forge" a katana and wakizashi for a duel.